N.S. Giles Foundations Inc. is pleased to be affiliated with the Sheridan Corporation in the construction of the Katahdin Block Project in Orono, Maine. This three story building covering a footprint of over 6,300 square feet will house the new University Credit Union and several spaces of new small business to occupy. This project is located in the heart of downtown Orono and will be a showcase for the revitalization of the area. Over 450 cubic yards of concrete was utilized for the footings and walls, as well as over 75,000 pounds for rebar for reinforcement. We mobilized our RT 80 crane at this site to maneuver pre-tied walls, gang forms, foundation walls and rebar throughout a site that’s configuration required strict enforcement of safety regulations and standards, as well as logistical challenges associated with placement. In addition to ganging and setting walls varying from 8 to 20 feet, 235 cubic yards of concrete was used for setting slab. The various complexities of this project, from the sloped retaining walls, extensive drainage systems to the decretive concrete work has highlighted N.S. Giles ability to execute to the very highest level of quality, ingenuity and design.